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Plan Your New York Trip with Itineraries, Free Maps & Guides

Visiting New York for the first time can be a life changing experience. The Sightseeing Pass is here to help you make the most memories by making the most of your pass. Before you arrive we recommend learning a little about the neighborhood you are staying in. Find out what attractions and amenities are closest, then branch out from there.

Another good idea is to familiarize yourself with local transit routes and stops so that the beginning of each day won’t start with a panic to find where to begin.

For years, our team at The Sightseeing Pass have been helping out of town visitors make the most of their time in New York City. We know how daunting navigating a metropolis like NYC can be, and we consistently update The Sightseeing Pass to make it as user friendly and all-inclusive as it can be.

The Sightseeing Pass and its accompanying travel guide app are an ideal companion if you want to walk the city’s streets, wonder at the skyscrapers, visit historical places or simply undergo some retail therapy.