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The NYC Subway

For tourists to New York, the subway has achieved almost mythical notoriety, becoming simultaneously romanticized and reviled. The New York metro, known among locals simply as "the Subway," is an extensive transportation network that crisscrosses underground in New York. In the city that never sleeps, the NYC subway never sleeps either.

The New York City Subway runs continuously and never closes

  • The Subway runs in all of the boroughs of New York City with the exception of Staten Island.
  • The system consists of 25 lines and 472 stations.
  • The Subway operates two different types of lines which often run on the same tracks.
  • Local trains stop at every station.
  • Express trains skip stations and stop only at the busier stations on the route.

Prior to boarding a train, customers should take the time to learn whether the train is a local or express service and where it stops, to avoid having to double-back on a local train.

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New York Subway tickets – NYC MetroCard

  • Riders have the ability to purchase and reload their NYC MetroCard at any one of the system's stations or may purchase them online.
  • The fare is $2.75 per ride.
  • When purchasing a MetroCard, customers are offered a five percent discount off the listed fare for the ride.
  • There is a weekly pass option where customers can receive unlimited rides for $32 per week.
  • Riders get one free transfer from a Subway train to a bus, or vice versa, if the transfer is made within two hours.

Although many tourists remember the images of the NYC Subway as crime and graffiti infested, the reality is that the Subway today is much safer. Crime numbers have dropped dramatically in recent decades and have remained low as crime in New York City in general has declined.

Sightseeing Pass

While the Subway is a great option for getting around New York City, much of the line is underground and each trip requires swiping the MetroCard and payment of a new fare.

Subway riders do not get to see much of the sights of New York City and get a feel for the city’s streets. There is an option available that allows tourists to both get around the city and see the city at the same time. Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tours allow tourists unlimited rides to a variety of destinations in the city for one combined price. These Bus Tours are not limited to just Manhattan, and they combine both transportation with local expertise. Tourists are able to purchase combination tickets, which include both the bus ticket and tickets to other local attractions, at a discount on the regular price. Tourists should consider this option as a new way to experience New York City as sometimes it is better to see the sights than to be stuck underground in New York.

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