Woosh Miami Beach

Woosh Water Stations provide ultra-purified, ice cold water without plastic bottle waste.

Our filtration technology provides a bottled water product that tastes great and is served chilled. The stations also have a unique rinsing process that will clean your bottle as well, removing all impurities for a clean, healthy bottle of drinking water.

The smart water stations are installed in convenient locations all around Miami Beach and they are changing the way we drink water.

What You Get

The Sightseeing Pass grants you 50% off at the Woosh store with promo code.

Hours & Admission

How To Redeem

Visit store.wooshwater.com and enter the code SSPD2019 to redeem the discount on all store items.

Getting There

Woosh Miami Beach

Numerous locations in Miami: Open Shore Park @ 85th. 73rd and Ocean Terrace. 64th St., Alison Beach Park. 41st and Pine Tree Dr (SW Corner). Beach View Park, 53rd and Collins. 27th / Ocean Dr. – Entrance to boardwalk. 24th / Ocean Dr. – Entrance to boardwalk. 21st / Ocean Dr. – Entrance to boardwalk. Lincoln and Lenox. Lincoln and Euclid. Lincoln and Washington. 14th and Ocean Dr. 11th and Ocean Dr. Lummus Park at 9th St. 5th and Ocean Dr. South Pointe Drive.

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