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See more of Malaga - Costa del Sol by creating itineraries and budgets quickly and easily with the most up to date attraction information.

The Sightseeing Pass Travel Guide is a free travel and planning tool helping you make the most of your sightseeing trips. With The Sightseeing Pass app you get maps & essential information about local attractions. Discover new places at your own pace, see more – pay less.

The Sightseeing Pass is available for New York City, Malaga, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Smoky Mountains, Nashville, Orlando, Miami, Key West & Puerto Rico. We are excited to be expanding our operations in other cities, so you can expect frequent app updates.

Easily discover the top attractions for your upcoming trip, and plan your daily excursions and budgets. Key features include:

  • Guidebook icon

    Attraction Guidebook for all Sightseeing Pass Cities

  • Info icon

    Info about 300+ Attractions with opening hours, getting there details, maps and nearby attractions

  • Plan itineraries icon

    Itinerary tool to plan your days out

  • Itineraries icon

    Options to follow preselected itineraries or create your own plans

  • Budget icon

    Budget & Trip Details tools

  • Profile icon

    Access to Your Sightseeing Pass account

Completely FREE and available NOW!

The Sightseeing Pass Travel Guide App is free to download, with plenty of insiders tips to help you make most of your trips. Don’t delay – download the app now and start exploring!

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