Free Entry with The Sightseeing Pass - SAVE $55

Available with: FLEX Pass

Normal Transportation Price: Adult $55 | Child $45

Disneyland Transportation

We make Disneyland convenient with round-trip transportation.

Disneyland is one of Southern California’s most enduring attractions, drawing millions of visitors year in and year out. However, if you don’t plan on the Disney theme park being the focal point of your trip to Southern California, chances are you won’t be staying in close proximity to it, since it’s miles away from Los Angeles and other major attractions.

If you’re looking to spend a day with the family at Disneyland, but don’t want to worry about driving there from Los Angeles, we at StarLine Tours have created the ideal solution.

What You Get

The Sightseeing Pass grants you round trip transportation to Disneyland with StarLine Tours.

Hours & Admission


Departs: 9:30am

How To Redeem

Reservations required at 800-959-3131 or by email at

Getting There

Disneyland Transportation

6801 Hollywood Blvd #305 LA CA 90028

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