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There's always plenty of fun things to do in London in every season. If you are visiting London in April, you'll find an especially enticing list of April events. At long last, winter is over, the temperatures are pleasant, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and trees are budding. Hyde Park and other smaller parks are calling and it's perfect weather for one of the great river cruises. Fans of Princess Diana will want to visit Kensington Palace’s Princess Diana Memorial Garden. Stroll around Camden Market and admire the crafts and gift items. If you have been overdoing the sightseeing, this is a good place to take a load off and just people watch.

What to expect


  • Average Daytime Temperatures: 52 F (11C)
  • Average Overnight Temperatures: 43 F (6C)
  • Sunny or partly sunny days: 14
  • Rainy days: 16

What to wear

  • Pack an umbrella, you will be happy to have it when it starts to rain.
  • Dress in layers – in can be cool particularly in the mornings and evenings, especially on the observation decks
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, closed toe shoes and water resistant, so you can enjoy your walking tours, as well as something a bit more fanciful for the nightlife.

London Prices in April

London in April can be a little easier on the budget than during peak season (May to Mid-September, December). London is a busy year-round destination. Book your flights and accommodation in advance for best prices and save up money by booking at the right times. Try to book your accommodation 4 to 6 months in advance.

Planning your trip is a key to a balanced budget, use free online resources like our maps & guide or the itinerary tool, if you are going to visit some iconic attractions, get a sightseeing pass, it will easily save you 50% on regular admission prices – see more

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Getting around

With roughly 30 million travellers per year, London easily ranks as one of the most visited cities on earth. London is easy to navigate, but if you can't walk to your destination there are plenty of options

London Underground

The quickest way to travel around, London's Underground metro system is the oldest and most famous in the world. In total, there are 11 lines on the Tube within nine zones. On most days the London Tube is open between 5AM and 12AM, but there is extended services for Friday and Saturday. Fares vary widely for the London Underground depending on when you're using the service and how far you're going. The easiest way navigate the Tube is to invest in what's known as an Oyster Card. These re-chargeable card can be purchased at any Tube station. Put as much money as you want on your Oyster Card and scan it at the entrance of the Tube station. It’s much cheaper to use than single tube tickets.

Black Cabs - Traditional London taxis

These cabs can easily be found all over central London as well as by major train stations, bus stops, and by Heathrow Airport. Please ensure the yellow "taxi" light in the front of the cab is on when you're trying to hail a vehicle.
All taxicab services in London are metered and there's a £3 minimum charge. While you're not required to tip, it's always welcome, and most Londoners will round up their fare.

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Things to do in April

Check out the following list of ideas for fun things to do in London in April:

1. Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace

One fascination that is not to be missed is the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. It takes place outside Buckingham Palace, begins at 10:45 AM and lasts around 45 minutes (handover takes place at 11:00 AM). You can join the Change of the Guard walking tour to learn much more about this ceremony.

2. Queen’s Birthday

Although the Her Majesty The Queen celebrates her official birthday in June, her actual birthday is on 21 April. To mark the occasion the gun salutes are fired at Hyde Park and at the Tower of London.

3. London Marathon

April events include the world-famous London marathon. This 26-mile run begins just south of the Thames and ends in front of Buckingham Palace. You can be a spectator or a participant at this exciting event.

4. Feast of St. George in Trafalgar Square

Traditional English fairs and fetes where you can see first-hand medieval jousting, brass bands, and fun-day family games along with demonstrations from leading chefs.

5. Easter

Many shops and attractions in London put on special offers and exhibitions over the Easter weekend: from Easter egg hunts and special Easter events, to the best chocolate shops. Keep in mind, that many shops are not open on Easter Sunday, and the timetable schedules for public transport may be reduced over the Easter weekend.

Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace 1
Queen’s Birthday 2
London Marathon 3
Feast of St. George in Trafalgar Square 4
Easter 5

Rainy Day Options in London

Tower of London

Learn about the storied history of London with a trip to this epic tower. Visitors will delight in the exhibit of the Royal Family crown jewels, including the Imperial State Crown. The guards of the tower will regale visitors with tales of the bloody history of these times, enchanting everyone who walks through the gates. Visit to the Tower of London is free with the London Sightseeing Pass.

tower of london tower of london tower of london

West End Theatre

taking a West End show will chase away any rainy day blues during your visit to London. It might not be possible to get last minute tickets to every show, but you can find something a couple of hours before the show starts by visiting the Encore Box office. With every sightseeing pass purchased on this site we offer 55 GBP towards your theatre ticket

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London Museums

Your weather app says it’s going to be raining the whole day? Head over to one of the best London Museums or Galleries. Whether your interest is in art, science or history, there’s something for everyone in just about every neighbourhood. Pick from the British Museum, The National Gallery, Tate Modern, the Kensington Museums of Natural History or Science Museum – all offer free entry to the public.

Tower of London Tower of London
Encore Theatre Passport Encore Theatre Passport
Hard Rock Cafe Hard Rock Cafe

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