What You Get

What are the benefits of the Sightseeing Pass?

The best thing about the Sightseeing Pass is how easy it is to use, but what about everything else that comes with it? Here you’ll find just some of the great reasons to choose the Sightseeing Pass over cheaper, less packed alternatives.

Activation and validity

Your Pass is activated the moment that you first use it at an attraction or service.

Your Pass gets activated in Key West the moment you use it at an attraction or service. It is then valid for 30 days or until you have visited the number of attractions selected.

How it works

Money back guarantee

No risk when buying ahead.

Sightseeing Passes can be purchased up to 12 months before your Key West trip. Should your travel plans change, Sightseeing Pass insurance gives peace of mind, offering a full refund on non-activated Passes. No questions asked.